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Do you have any query? We are here to reply you in all conditions. For more information contact us to get follow ups for your required services. It is very simple to contact us with some clicks. Due to online presence, we are available 24/7. For offering an excellent customer’s support, we are exclusive. You can contact us by filling a form.

Do you need any follow up regarding your applied services? Do you need to know the procedure of pet adoption with us? Do you want to know about the details of the vaccination program? We contact you on your mobile phone via sms, email, phone call or others. Do not worry because with the help of our message alert service, we give you reminder about your pet care, pet food, and vaccination program for better health care of your animals. We are at your service in case of emergency.

How can you contact us?

You can contact us online, via email, voice call or phone call. It is very easy to drop a message by filling the form that is given below. We provide a solid customer’s support to all our clients. The front desk staff provides high-quality of services and connects you to the relevant service. This will help you to get the answer of your questions.

FAQ Section

You can get the answer of your questions in the frequently asked section. On the site, there is no FAQ section, but you can avail the facility via email or through message service. The content of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) is for general information only. In this content, our counselors inform you clearly that the measurements, information and treatments are only for user’s concern, convenience and knowledge. Our experts guide you about the pet’s health and care. The information is authentic and for your personal knowledge. There is no second thought about the accuracy of the information and content. It is information based data that is written after complete research. It is for your personal information not for publishing anywhere else.

On Phone Call

If you are in hurry or in emergency, cannot wait for email reply then you can contact us on phone. We are just a call away from you. In case of emergency, we approach you. Customers can easily find the number of their required department by scrolling down the list of contact numbers that will be provided you during our consultation.