Nutritional Counseling for Pets

Nutritional Counseling for pets


Do you need help nutrition counseling for pets?Diet is important to excellent preventive care. Training in veterinary nutritional and diet counseling is emphasized at Vet Richmond. We know, your furry or feather friends need proper diet to grow up healthy and strong. We know old animals require food that is targeted to their individual health issues. Other common problems are related to pet obesity, food allergies are a growing concern in both dogs and cats. You can bring your pets in the Vet Richmond for the animal acupuncture. With the help of the experts, you will be able to get suggestion in the sessions of behavior counseling for pets.

Behavioral Counseling for pets

Counseling is the process in which a patient has a meeting with the therapist. It helps to resolve different issues like somatic responses, relationship issues, feelings, beliefs, behaviors and many more.The value of mentors has sometimes become a question for everyone; on the other hand it is the obvious fact that all the counseling methodologies of psychology are mostly designed in the way that is related to the understanding methodology.

The value of the Behavioral Counseling for petsdepends on the vastness of the topic. The wide range of the topics develops the probability that a student cannot be able to have a solid foundation in the entire topic. In this way the motive leaves the interest in the subject and they have not complete awareness about the application of the topic.

Nutritional Service for the Variety of pets and concerns

Proper pet nutrition is vital element of good husbandry for exotic pets. We make sure your new friends get a healthy start by reviewing diet at every visit. Our nutritional services contain


  • Everyday wellness diet and health advice for the variety of species including reptiles, small mammals, cats, dogs and exotic pets.


  • Guidelines on the schedules, food types and quantities to prevent pet obesity.


  • We provide you advice for pets with allergy, diet choices, food trials, information and many more.


  • Custom-tailored nutrition plans for cats and dogs living with chronic illness


Animal Acupuncture is the process that is highly wonderful to increase the strength. It provides your pet’s solid strength to the pet’s body. Your pet will be healthy and fit very soon. You do not need to go for any kind of surgery.

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