Preventive Services for Pets

Pets Wellbeing


Vet Richmond supports pet owners in maintaining Pets wellbeing. We help you in grooming, feeding and walking pets by offering transport. We are not a grooming salon that just provides a shine to the fur coat of your dog or cat. We provide you guidelines how to groom your dog naturally. It is the right way to provide your assistance to keep your pet healthy and fit for the long time. If you are living with several pets then we are the right solution to solve your issues related to the every pet. Our professional, academy-trained, safety certified dog and cat stylists are at your service. We assist you with our Look Great Guarantee. We introduce Flea prevention and control program.

Pets Behavior counseling

Pet’s behavior is the key to judge the health and mental condition of an animal. If your pet is not behaving normally or you find something different from the routine then you need consultation. Our experts understand the psyche of the animal. We guide you how to treat your pets with love and care. One of the most important things about animals is that they do not like ignorance. You need to show your love with their care. The tick prevention for petsmakes them happy and energetic. They are sincere friends of yours. Pay them proper attention.

Animal Acupuncture

This is a wonderful treatment that is used to treat lower back pain, motion sickness and chronic neck pain. It prevents you from lower back pain. This is an ancient Asian technique. To apply pressure on the certain points of the body, they use tools or hands. This helps to promote emotional balances, release tension, open energy flow. This pressure stimulates different points on the body. It releases endorphins and pain-decreasing chemicals, increases blood flow. It releases soreness and discomfort in muscles. It is used to cure insomnia, chronic pain and migraine. Thin needles are inserted into the skin on acupoints. It rebalances the life force or flow of energy chi. It is good for your Pets wellbeing.

Pet Nutrition Counseling

How much carbohydrate does your pet need for healthy life and energy? For a bulky pet, what amount of protein is sufficient? How to get rid of unwanted fat with an ideal macro ratio? These are common questions that are important for maintaining weight. An appropriate amount of food nutrients are necessary to intake daily. It is good to fulfill the daily requirement of body. If you take sufficient nutrients daily then you will not have any deficiency. By maintaining proper ratio of taking nutrients you can easily maintain your pet’s health. We guide you which food is suitable for your pet with heart worm prevention for pets.

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