South Yarra

Do you know the high toxic food can make your pet sick? You need to be careful about the health of your pet. We at Vet Richmond guide you how to take care of your pet. We serve plenty of animals in the center. We treat them, train them, feed them and care them. Our counselor will help you in pet adoption as per your lifestyle. If you need pet health care service then we are the right choice. Always give your pet a healthy diet. Unhealthy food is easily available in the muddy parks and near the ponds where you take your dogs and cats for walk daily. Taking your dog daily to the park may be your daily routine if there are mushrooms, then you must be careful that your dog must not eat the toxic mushrooms. It can happen that accidently your dog can eat the adequate amount of the mushrooms without your notice.


  • We guide you that you must pay attention towards it.
  • Avoid taking your dog to such places if it is fond of eating mushrooms.
  • Learn more about the health care and pet’s well-being
  • Our counselors guide you about the food of the pets
  • Learn about the behavior of your pet


Yes, it is the possibility there that your pet may eat the poisonous mushrooms where you have taken it for walking and playing. Dogs have no sense to know about the healthy species of the mushrooms. For keeping them prevent to eat harmful mushrooms train them not to eat mushrooms. The other important factor that you have to focus on is that you must be careful about the mushrooms and your backyard must not have the mushrooms in your backyard. The safety of your pet is in your hand and you can secure them from the harmful effects of the toxic food by taking care of them.  You can call us in case of emergency. If your pet has met a dangerous situation, we provide an instant support. This will help you to save your furry friend.


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