St kilda

Keeping animals in home is a nice experience. IF you are fond of keeping pets in home then you need us. Do you have more than one pet in your home? If yes, then you need to know about their health and care. You can join Vet Richmond in St.Kilda to groom your dog or cat. What to do if your dog has eaten the poisonous food? Do not worry, we help you in this matter. For your pet’s care we are reliable. Take an immediate action if your dog has already eaten the poisonous mushroom. There are 1400 types of mushrooms that come in the category of the poison. It means the symptoms and the effects are different from each other. If you see these signs in your dog, then it means it has eaten a poisonous food like mushroom. We provide plenty of veterinary services to our furry friends.


  • Bring your pet to us in the state of Coma
  • We can operate your pet and Seizures can be treated in Vet Richmond
  • Excessive Drooling, Uncoordinated movements, Pale skin are no problem for our experts
  • Call us in case of Lethargy, Weakness, Vomiting
  • In case of emergency including Diarrhea and Abdominal pain, we help your pet


If you are not certain whether your pet ate a harmful food or not she doesn’t (yet) demonstrate any of the above side effects, it may be a smart thought to get your puppy looked at by a veterinarian at any rate. Contingent upon what kind of mushroom your puppy ate, she won’t not indicate side effects of mushroom harming for up to 12 hours, and afterward it may as of now be past the point of no return. Our philosophy is to provide you an extremely professional and proficient service along with outstanding and efficient products. We offer professional services with the goal to provide you the most efficient and greatly effective services. You can get our excellent customer support. We are easily accessible online. This technology is the key to inspire the broad circles of clients. We love to create and produce the best services that they can do perfectly.


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